What is the Georgia Power Home Energy Improvement Program?

The Georgia Power HEIP offers homeowners incentives to improve their home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Customers with high utility bills, uncomfortable rooms and concerns about indoor air quality call us for this service. The program offers a $150 rebate for the assessment and up to $1000 additional for improvements that are identified in the assessment.

What is a Georgia Power Home Energy Assessment?

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The home performance assessment (HPA) is the first step on the path towards a comprehensive “whole house” home performance upgrade. Customers select us to perform an independent evaluation of their home (often referred to as a “home energy audit”). This is like a checkup on your house, designed to identify the causes of uneven temperatures, dust, moisture issues and high bills. As needed during the HPA Howard will:

  • Analyze insulation levels, lighting and appliances
  • Conduct a detailed visual inspection of all home areas including attics, foundations and the exterior
  • Utilize diagnostic tools like a blower door and a duct tester to measure house and duct leakage and quantify waste and savings opportunities.

Solutions are prioritized in the report and are grouped together into sensible “packages”, using the good-better-best approach.  Solutions may include air sealing, duct sealing and repair, insulation, crawlspace and/or attic encapsulation and ventilation improvements.

For more information about the Home Energy Improvement Program, or to schedule a home energy assessment today, contact us now!