DET Testing

Building Performance Consulting offers DET testing (duct and envelope testing) for builders, developers and homeowners throughout the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan region. Duct and building envelope testing is required for Georgia Energy Code compliance as well as many green building and energy efficient building certifications, and is crucial to a energy efficiency and optimal comfort in new and existing homes.

Building Envelope Testing

Building envelope testing consists of measuring the envelope tightness of a building. Using a blower door -- an apparatus that consists of a fan set in a canvas enclosure that is placed in the front door of a building -- we are able to determine the air-tightness of the building. This is crucial for determining the energy efficiency of a building, and helps to locate areas of leakage, one of the primary sources of energy waste in most North American buildings is air leaking through small cracks and leaks in the building envelope.

Duct Testing

Using a "duct tester," which is similar to a blower door but designed to fit on an open end of a duct rather than inside a door, we are able to measure how much conditioned air is leaking through cracks and gaps in a duct system. Many homes suffer from leaky ducts which allow conditioned air to escape into walls and attics, leading to discomfort as well as air quality issues, unnecessarily high energy bills and potential building durability problems.

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