Focus on Cost Effective Improvements

Once I understood that in addition to insulation and the HVAC system I needed to look at how much air and duct leakage my home had, I hired Mr. Katzman since he was an independent consultant who was not going to try to sell me insulation, a new HVAC system, etc. 

Before he came to my home he sent me a survey of questions.  On the day he did the assessment he started by asking us what issues we had (any parts of the house uncomfortable, how much we use the 2nd floor of our home, etc.).  I asked him if it would pay to spray foam our attic roof.  His 1st question was “How long do you intend to stay in the house?”  He told us that although foaming the inside of the roof would increase energy efficiency, it would not pay for itself for the amount of time we expect to stay in our home.  That’s the kind of help/advice I need! 

I was very pleased with Howard’s expertise and professionalism and his eye to cost/benefits of putting improvements into the house.  Highly recommended.  October 2016