Competent and Reliable

My goal was to save on my utility bills and to verify that my energy systems were working as well as they could. Howard was very efficient, communicating in advance to tell me what I could expect. He was very respectful of my house and belongings, making sure that nothing was damaged. Howard explained what he was doing and what the tests indicated. He very quickly provided a report with pictures describing his findings, and prioritizing them according to immediate recommendations and future recommendations. Probably the most important finding was that he detected a gas leak in my system, which I was able to have repaired quickly.

I was able to send Howard’s report directly to the contractors. This was very helpful in making sure the contractors and I were comparing “apples to apples”. After completion of the work, Howard returned and performed a follow-up inspection, showing that the air leakage in the house was reduced by 45%.

Since like most homeowners, I have no experience in this area, I am dependent on their knowledge and expertise. Overall my experience was very positive and I would recommend Howard as both competent and reliable.  Mary B. May 2014.