Great Experience
We had a great experience with Howard.  He thoroughly checked out 1930's bungalow out and made plenty of recommendations - but also let us know what options for improvements wouldn't really benefit us...he kept us from doing things that would cost a lot of money and not save us at least as much money in the long run.  I'd recommend Howard's services if you're concerned about the efficiency of your home and are unsure of how to move forward - I feel you can trust his assessment. August 2017
Professional and Knowledgeable
Howard is very professional and knowledgeable. The audit took approximately 4 hours. Howard conducted a very thorough examination of the house and attic including a blower door test to check total home air leakage. His follow-up report was very thorough and easy to understand. August 2017
Extensive Energy Audit
Howard did an extensive energy audit and he delivered a detailed comprehensive Home Performance Assessment Report a day or two after the testing which took 4-5 hrs working in my home. He found the causes of air leakage and dusty air quality in my home. I am very pleased with the recommendations that he listed in the report and look forward to completing the needed work and enjoying the air quality, plus other benefits in my home, in the future. A neighbor recommended me to Howard and I am thankful that he did! August 2017
Professionalism, Honesty, Follow-Up and Customer Care
Howard Katzman did a Home Performance Assessment for me. I was very impressed by his professionalism, honesty, follow-up and customer care. Howard responded to my initial contact in a timely manner. He quoted a price based on the information I shared on my house specifications. Howard explained aspects of what he was doing and why. After I received the report Howard called to see if I had any questions. He is also willing to suggest professionals to take care of the issues I want to address. Howard is for assessment report follow-up questions and professional recommendations whenever I may have them.  April 2017
Focus on Cost Effective Improvements
Once I understood that in addition to insulation and the HVAC system I needed to look at how much air and duct leakage my home had, I hired Mr. Katzman since he was an independent consultant who was not going to try to sell me insulation, a new HVAC system, etc.  Before he came to my home he sent me a survey of questions.  On the day he did the assessment he started by asking us what issues we had (any parts of the house uncomfortable, how much we use the 2 nd floor of our home, etc.).  I asked him if it would… (read more)
Excellent Customer Service
I loved learning from Howard all the ways I could save money by improving my home's energy efficiency. He really takes the time to walk you through and helps you prioritize projects. He provides excellent customer service, even after he's given you his official report. He connects you with trustworthy contractors for following through with your new to-do list. He really wants to see you happy with his service and suggested improvements. I highly recommend him! August 2016
Great Experience
Howard is great at what he does and you can't go wrong with getting a home energy assessment conducted by him. Howard was recommended based on his background and experience and I could not have been more pleased. Howard focuses his recommendations primarily on energy improvements with the biggest return on investment, which I really appreciated. His assessment and report are extremely thorough and he even helps to evaluate offers from contractors to conduct the recommended work. I highly recommend Howard. May 2016
Thorough, professional, responsive
We have a large old house that we wanted to make more energy efficient. We hired Howard Katzman in July 2014 to do a energy assessment. His report was excellent; he had a very clear list of things we could improve, along with their priorities. He was also very responsive on follow up, and communicated with the contractors we eventually hired to do the work. One of the main reasons we chose him was that he is "independent" (he does the assessments, but not the work). But he also made good recommendations for contractors, which worked out well.  September 2015
Unique Service
Howard provides a unique service to help consumers lower their energy bills. His blower door test, home evaluation, and recommendations are outlined in a detailed report ranking various projects with expected annual savings. His background and experience provided me with energy efficient projects that helped me to lower energy bills and make my home more comfortable. Howard is familiar with Georgia Power rebates and helped me to reduce my contractor expenses over 20% compared to the price I would have paid without his BPI assessment. February 2015
Thorough, Detailed and Patient
I chose Howard because I liked that he does the audit but does not also do the repairs. Howard was fantastic! He is truly an expert at what he does. He is thorough, detailed and patient. He gave us a detailed report and encouraged us to contact him with any questions (which I did and he got back to me immediately.) Howard takes his work seriously and is really in your home to help you! August 2015