EarthCraft Multi-Family

Howard Katzman Building Performance Consulting can certify your low-rise and mid-rise multifamily projects, both new construction and renovation. More developers and multifamily project owners are opting for EarthCraft certification. Reasons include helping achieve low income housing tax credits and tenant retention. EarthCraft multifamily standards include many sustainability factors, including building performance, comfort, affordability, building durability and indoor air quality. Often achieving the desired certification level requires evaluating trade-offs in various packages of measures. Howard Katzman, with over 30 years of construction experience, understands the constraints and demands of the building process and recommends practical solutions.

Why Choose Howard Katzman?

Howard is among the region's leading building performance experts. With a resume that includes over 10 years experience in building performance including 5-1/2 years on staff at Southface, he brings to each project a passion for quality and a depth of expertise that you won't find anywhere else.

For more information about EarthCraft certification for new or existing single family homes, or to schedule a consultation with GreenChoice today, give us a call at 404-558-1197.